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Decoding the Jamstack

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I've been building web applications for over two decades, and JavaScript has been a major part of 
that throughout that time.

The Jamstack (JavaScript + APIs + Markup = jam) is where web development is heading and this book was 
written to help you learn how to decode it.

Why is the Jamstack the future of web development? With Jamstack, you can focus on your 
frontend work, and leave the backend to the service you choose.  

We'll make use of the following popular JavaScript libraries in our development process:

- Next.js
- Chakra UI
- Hasura and GraphQL
- Clerk
- React Hook Form

And as we build our app, we will cover how to setup the following hosting providers and deploy 
our app to production:

- Vercel (for our Next.js application)
- Railway (to host our Hasura Console and postgres database)
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Available on October 31, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Decoding the Jamstack

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